Marketing strategies to increase your sales


  • Analysis of businesses, parties or candidates and the environment.

  • SWOT analysis. Companies or political actors.

  • Studies of competition whether commercial or political, prices, attributes, benefits, customer service, perceptions, among others.

Market research

  • Market research: qualitative, quantitative and secondary.

  • Qualitative projective investigations (through our projective techniques, we get to the true sentiment of the respondents).

  • World cafes.

  • Seed marketing.

  • Behavior analysis.

  • Audits of the quality of service, both private and political or national.

We find your market opportunities

  • Definition of market gaps to be a better option than our competitors or voters.

  • Specify the primary and / or secondary target markets, geographically, demographically and psychographically.

  • Get and generate alliances with Influencers.

  • Sales projections or votes to obtain segmented.

  • Specify the reasons why they buy the products or vote for "X" candidates.

Product or service

  • Creation of the branding and the desired positioning.

  • Product launch (candidate).

  • Design of the architecture of the brands.

  • Brand refresh.

  • Positioning strategy.

  • Definition of attributes and benefits.

  • Design of product, service or candidate “packaging”.


  • Strategic definition of prices.

  • Breakeven.

  • Sensitivity studies.

  • Margins.

  • Sales projections.

  • Positioning based on prices.

  • Price analysis according to the product life cycle.

  • Pricing strategies: skim, penetration, prestige, seasonality, geographic, competition-oriented, according to delivery location.

Distribution logistics

  • Definition of sales channels or channels for candidates to reach the voters directly.

  • Establish what, when, and how on the time horizon.

  • Determine levels of customer service or how close and how often the candidate will be with the people.

  • Location of facilities / tents.

  • Facilities and transportation decisions.

  • Safety regulations during the loading, unloading and the journey of the products or candidates.

Traditional and network communications

  • Boost sales or obtain votes through communication.

  • Communication plan.

  • Creative strategy.

  • Media strategy.

  • Crisis management.

  • Message and design of all kinds of advertising material.

  • Promotions planning.

  • Realization of the PR program.

  • AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)

  • Merchandising plans

People: Excellence in customer service

  • Design or redesign of the business philosophy or party principles.

  • Diagnostics on working climates.

  • Convert philosophy into culture.

  • Audits of brand assets: We measure the effectiveness of the work of employees, activists or officials and all other marketing elements that create or detract from the brand.

  • Recommendations are provided to our clients so that they improve on those points that are weak.

Direct selling strategies

  • Design of sales processes.

  • Analysis of elements that affect personal sales.

  • Sale objectives.

  • Personal sales channels.

  • Debate of objections.

  • Sales incentives.

Monitor And Control All Phases Of Strategy

  • If you don't measure and control, you don't improve.

  • Results measurement.

  • Verification of the strategies and tactics used and their respective corrections.

  • KPI's evaluation.

  • Definition of new strategies or tactics to achieve predetermined objectives.

  • Continual improvement.

Guaranteed Results

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