Here is my objective: I will share my #marketing thoughts and their applications in the commercial and political sectors with you. I would expect criticism, different points of view, recommendations, etc. The point is that I will listen objectively, and if your thoughts are solid, I will adapt them to OUR hands-on new era #marketing system, that when finished, will be as effective as the rotation of our planet.

Lets get moving. My definition of #marketing is: all activities involved in selling products, services or ideas that deliver the results that were expected through the satisfaction of needs. (The expected results could be financial, number of votes or low-income houses built, among many others, depending on the core business of each organization).

After saying this I have to be very sincere with you. #Marketing has been minimized, and has been transformed into a generic and very weak term. It is used for everything and anything. For example “political #marketing”, if you sell BS to get votes and then forget the people’s needs, then it shouldn’t be called #marketing at all. There has been a lot of discrepancies, not only with the definition of #marketing, but also if the 4Ps mix really involves everything that has to do with #marketing. (Don’t worry, I’m not outdated).

To put it differently let me state that I’ve read a lot of the theories involving all the #marketing mix alphabet, and I have used a huge number of them. Therefore I agree that the 4Ps theory is not broad enough to absorb everything you need to build the #marketing spaceship; but I also believe that a lot of what has been criticized about what the 4Ps lack, are intrinsic in this model.

As you know when the 4Ps theory by McCarthy was born in 1964 nobody had any idea that the Internet would change the world, they didn’t even know what a floppy disc was for God’s sake. But if you take all the new strategies and tactics used in the super highway era, you will see that a lot of them conceptually match really nicely with the initial 4P’s. Just broad your mind and feel how the music and the moves converge.

If you are a “#marketing gig” you’ll know that in a huge way the 4Ps #marketing mix is like Sun Tzu’s The Art of War (500 BC). A lot of its wisdom and philosophy is still current in the 21st Century, what has dramatically changed are the weapons and technology we now posses. So what we have to do is adapt the weapons to the philosophy and vice versa.

In essence in the #TheNewEraMarketingPhilosophy I will be developing one by one the #10PsMarketingMix, a solitary P in each of the ten pieces that I would be delivering in the near future. One element at a time, I’ll be demonstrating how this new philosophy really connects every component involved in “real #marketing”, and how this new way of seeing and simplifying #marketing can be used for commercial or political purposes, no matter the organization’s size or the time that they have been in the market.

To the left, to the right, above and bellow, remember that everything in life can always be improved. So I repeat: get your hands dirty and accompany me on this road to manufacture a “killer”, futuristic, and effective #marketing system.


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