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Marketing strategies to increase your sales

These 10 elements are your formula for successful marketing in your business or organization. Look at them, as if they were 10 different musical instruments in an orchestra, no instrument is more important than the other, each one has a part to play and it is when they all come together in a symphony that beautiful and powerful music is made.


Funnel Marketing

Is the process that a marketing team follows from launching a marketing action until they land a business opportunity. At this time the lead or contact is delivered to the commercial department. This means that this is a funnel that is physically located above the commercial funnel.



We help and facilitate the process of selling products and / or services, and using multiple tools so that your sales increase, guaranteeing the same characteristics of a physical store but in an online version, selling to the mind and its emotions.


Design and development of websites

A website without SEO, or without making it known is like a spot that never goes on the air. A static web page is like trying to attract attention so that people return to the cinema by showing the same movie. A web page without strategy is like a boring movie, that to top it off nobody knows that they are going to be showing it at the cinema.


E-Marketing Strategies

E-marketing has become a cliché, this is where our experience comes in to carry out strategies that do work, taking into account all the new e-marketing tools that come onto the market every day. The e-marketing strategy comes from the communications strategy and this from the marketing one, each step is planned to achieve goals, and each step is monitored to measure its effectiveness.


Social Media Management

We have 10 years of experience in social media, we see that companies that offer services in this medium are born and die, and we see them act without a defined strategy. That separates Intelligent Marketing from the competition, each action, each post, each message, each medium, the use of time, each axis of communication, our results measurements, come from a pre-designed strategy.


Creation of mobile apps

We offer application design and development services for each stage of your mobile project. Marketing Inteligente’s mobile application development services are customer-centric to create a complete and customized solution. Leading agency focused on UI / UX design. We develop iOS / Android mobile applications for all types of budgets and businesses.


Communication strategies

At Marketing Inteligente we put earrings, makeup, heels and a cape to your message. One cannot conquer the desired woman without first knowing what he likes and what not, reaching her in the wrong way could affect that beautiful relationship in the future. It is the same in communications, many times we emit messages without knowing our target people well.


Qualitative Projective Research

Through the use of projective techniques in our investigations, we understand how the subconscious of people works concerning the subjects studied and in this way we deduce how to move and generate emotions and feelings that we have predetermined in our objectives.


SEO Optimization

Have you ever googled your business but couldn’t find it? Are you penalized by Google? Not benefiting from your website? Don’t panic, we can help you. Through our SEO optimization service, we will analyze your website in depth and detect all areas that can be improved.


Photo and video service

In the new world reality in which “we all” have access to the internet, it is quite easy for anyone to promote their houses, apartments, land, among others.

Therefore, if you want to sell you must differentiate yourself and stand out from all the competition. To achieve this you need a professional, strategic company with knowledge of the market to be able to sell your property as soon as possible and obtain that much-needed income.

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